The Awareness Project

In June of 2006 my 27 year old only son, William Burnham Jr. (BJ) was brutally and savagely beaten to death inside his own home with a baseball bat. His alleged killer was found not guilty on all charges, 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree murder and voluntary manslaughter. The jury went home, the killer went free, and I have been left to live every day without justice for my child. In light of the devastating verdict I had a decision to make. I could become so angry and bitter about the situation or I could use this terrible tragedy to make a contribution to the system in a positive way.

Someone once said that "any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes an experienced carpenter to build one" I did not want to kick down a barn or attack the system that had failed. I wanted to become a builder! If I could contribute then perhaps I could make a difference, my story might help create awareness.

I truly believed there must be a place within the death investigation community where the voice of the victim's family could make a respectful and significant contribution.

After several years of research on death investigation, I made a decision that I would do my best, in my son's name, to make a contribution by working along side the death investigation community, assisting them in building a strong, sound death investigation platform by which truth could immerge and justice could be served for others going forward.

Thus, the William Burnham Jr. Death Scene Awareness Project was born.

It is my quest that the Death Scene Awareness Project will be a living legacy to my son (something good from something evil) and serve as a continual reminder that the words "Every Scene -- Every time" are far more that just a recognized slogan.