Victim's Families

The victims families are very important and hold a very special place in the heart of the Death Scene Awareness Project. As a murder victim's mother, I formed the Awareness Project to make a contribution to the system in a positive way, with an eye on the handling of future death scenes. It is my hope that by doing so I may possibly be able to help other families avoid experiencing the extreme frustration and uncertainty I have had to cope with.

We want to encourage and support you. We understand that you may have many questions that you are seeking answers for. It is our desire to reach out and help by providing you with links to reliable and trusted organizations that you can access with confidence. Through these links you will be able to connect with folks who have the knowldege and expertise you seek. If you would like to contact us here at the Death Scene Awareness Project please feel free to do so by email.

Victims Families Welcome to Contact

Kenneth L. Mains

Founder & President of the
American Investigative Society of Cold Cases
Former FBI Agent
Cold Case Detective
Lycoming County, Pa DA Office

Kenneth L. Mains is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and Detective who specializes in cold cases. Detective Mains uses a unique and particular combination of forensic science, criminal investigation, forensic psychology, victimology, crime reconstruction, crime scene assessment and criminal profiling to solve cases.