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Death Scene Reconstruction and Staging with On Scene Digital Evidence Preservation

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The 2017 Death Scene Awareness Symposium has been postponed. Please check back for future event dates.

Designated MAGLOCLEN Training Session
Course certificate provided to all attendees

This course has been approved for credit hours of continuing education by the Pennsylvania Coroners' Education Board under the provisions of Act 22 of 1988.

* "This course has been approved for four (4) hours of continuing education by the Pennsylvania Coroners' Education Board under the provisions of Act 22 of 1988." As the person requesting approval of these courses, it is incumbent upon you to notify the "provider" that the course has been approved and therefore should include the statement stipulated above. We urge those who wish to have courses approved for credit by the Coroners' Education Board to please allow a minimum of three months for processing.

Meet Our Renowned Instructors

Dr. Laura Pettler

Death Scene Staging in Homicide Cases

Forensic Criminologist

Director of North Carolina Crime Scene Reconstruction/Behavioral Analysis Program

Vice President American Investigative Society of Cold Cases

Creator of Kaleidoscope System Shooting/Blood Stain Reconstruction System

Star of TV Program "Notorius"

DrLauraOnDeadlyWomenMatriarchsOfMurder from Laura Pettler on Vimeo.

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Craig Gravel MA, CBPA

Death Scene Reconstruction in Homicides

Charter Member Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction

Crime Scene Reconstruction Educator / Bevel Gardner Associates

Lieutenant Oklahoma City PD/ Crime Scene Unit (retired)

Professor - Master of Forensic Science /Advanced Blood Stain Analysis University of Oklahoma

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Matt McFadden

On Scene Preservation of Digital Evidence

Director of Training - Guidance Software

Certified Forensic Security Responder

17 yr Veteran Sgt /Supervisor Digital Technology Crime Team Clovis California PD

Expert Witness/ State and Federal Courts

Commendations from US Attorney General / California Attorney General\

His casework featured in New York Times and People Magazine

His casework showcased on CNN and Oxygen's show "Snapped"

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The Death Scene Awareness Project holds a yearly symposium for the death investigation community. This symposium will provide speakers who will present cutting edge information and will also provide a place where death investigation professionals can come together, network, and promote an exchange of ideas.

The Awareness Project understands that in today's economy it is often necessary for those who carry out death investigations such as forensic labs, police departments, and medical examiners to work with limited financial resources and budgets that are being cut. These cuts put them in a difficult position when it comes to the affordability of ongoing training. Recognizing that reality, the symposium that we present will be offered at a greatly reduced cost to the death investigation community. We believe that every person who would like to attend and learn should be able to do. We believe this will allow a department to send as many people to the symposium as they would like to and in doing so this will strengthen our death investigation community.

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